So anyone that knows me knows I’m independent, I’ll do it myself, and I’m definitely not going to ask for help. I decided I needed to change the path of my life this past May and after failing so many times before I was ready to try again.  So after an infomercial I decided to try Beachbody.  My daughter said hey my friend’s mom is a coach.  So I ordered 21 Day Fix and Shakeology and friended the coach on FB.  So it arrived in the mail and I opened the box and looked at the containers and thought oh my I am going to starve.  But my daughter said try it and my new coach added me to a private FB group.  I didn’t starve, I actually couldn’t et it all some days.  I learned portion size and lean eating.

At first I was like no way will I talk to these people in this group and I think I lurked for 2-3 weeks.  I read their daily posts and found out they were real, down to Earth, friendly people.  I tried a post or two and suddenly I had help, support, and companions all on the same journey.

The rest is history! It was easy!

Now remember, I have three active girls who keep me running.  I drive an hour to get to cheer practice and teach full time.   I would peel myself out of bed and just kept pushing play even when I was half asleep. If that didn’t happen, I did it when I got home at 10 pm.  It is 30 mins and I had to make time. Afterall I was held accountable by my daughters and by the Fb group.

I started eating clean and eating small portions every 2-3 hours. After the 4th week I was excited to get my workout in. Why? Because I found by taking a small portion out of the early morning for myself, I had more energy to be a better mom. Now I was doing the Beachbody video in the morning and started walking at night with my daughters.


I found success with this system of nutrition, exercise, and support/accountability.  I lost 21 pounds and 13 inches with the 21 Day Fix.  I was feeling stronger and ready to begin to do more.  I got PIYO and love it!  It is hard for me, but it is helping me get strong, lean, and giving me balance.

At two months I had lost 30 pounds and 19 inches and felt incredible.  I was still just doing it and not putting out there.  Pele were noticing.Ok, I could post and talk in the private group, but not to my real friends.  Crazy, I know but I was afraid of failure. So I decided I needed to take a deep breath and write a post about it.  I did and then it took days to click post.  When I did the response was shocking.

People were very supportive and kind.  People called me inspiring and that shocked me.  I am not finished.  I have a long way to go on my journey. I get inspired, I don’t inspire others.

My coach had posted a few times about becoming one. She messaged me that I need to consider coaching.  It will help me remain accountable, keep me growing and developing, and it will pay it forward and help those just as I was helped.  I wanted to pay it forward and help whoever I could. Even if it was just 10 people were in the same boat. So again I decided and committed! Of course this meant “sharing” again. Anyone that knows me would say this is way out of my comfort zone. But again I found myself doing a gut check and wanting to follow my heart.

So with all of that said: I understand, I’ve been there, nothing fits, not having energy, not feeling confident, wanting to set a good example to your kids, not believing in yourself, but not knowing how to change and have the right tools. Trust me I’m not out to make a quick buck and forget about you. Instead, I hope you trust in me to help you make a change and together we can work on ourselves together.

It’s an investment into to yourself and you’re worth it.

Here are my before and after pictures from doing 21 Day Fix and PIYO – 2 months of change from Day 1 to Day 60. I can’t wait to see myself on 9-1 at the 3 month mark.

3 Months of me

Since starting 2.5 months ago
I have lost 34 lbs and 24 inches total and 10% of body fat

Non Scale Victories:
I feel incredible, energy is increased, mood is elevated, no more heel spur pain, no more heartburn, and no more achy legs at night. I can now put my socks and tennis shoes on standing up- woohoo!  I am allowing pictures to be taken of me which I hated before and getting dressed is fun again.  I actually needed to get the skinny bin out of the basement.  You know that stash of clothes we all have that don’t fit, but you keep thinking someday they will.  My someday has come and actually gone for a few pieces.  Yep, my skinny bin is getting big and I love it.

Currently, doing TurboFire and having fun.  On rest days, I am doing PIYO.  I am still getting my 10,000 steps in a day and I am loving hiking in our area.

Ask me about more details on joining my next challenge group. WE GOT THIS!

me 8-17

Designate me as your coach:
Go to   (copy and paste the link for some reason WP is adding to the end of the address making it come up page not found.)  Click >’Not a member’ at top of page Click >FREE MEMBERSHIP (do not chose club or there is a fee attached) Follow rest of steps: Email address Mailing address Birthdate

It is absolutely free. No small print, no hidden fee!

2 thoughts on “Fitness and Nutrition Coaching – Let’s do it together!

  1. When I clicked the above link to designate you as my coach, the link was broken. Is this still an open option? Thanks.

    I do have specific health challenges, I cannot kneel because of artificial knees. I have trouble getting off the floor because of two herniated discs. Perhaps there is hope for me yet. Please advise.

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